Funk factory regular ass meeeerts. Mr meertseeks

@funkfactorygeuzeria runs the boards on transatlantic depth and in some fruited instances, surpassing their Belgian counterparts. But what about this simple lil “table mêthôede” it delivers in the same way that the likes of @hillfarmstead Clara and @sideprojectbrew Grisette deliver, that odd segment of delicate,

Fragile, intensely drinkable while evidencing a core section of nuance and depth. Sure there is lemon and a smattering of brett B, but also a kind of canvas and rope, slight wheaty chewiness to the bone dry fume blanc body. This needs to be in magnums exclusively but I don’t know if my angus is sufficiently peppered to shell out $75 or whatever for Maggies of this waify banger. Some casual ass Brussels faderade by way of Wisconsin, ain’t even mad.

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