Small balls: double BALs bolita made me double nut, Cigar city continues to smash the pastryarchy while carrying its crest

They may be small but this leverages both BALs to take double brown to Life pound town. With what seemed like a @firestonewalker regression in Bravo away from the barley embrace, the wambles squad pushes his firmly forward into malty decadence just dripping in sweet caramel, tobacco, assless leather chaps and dry earl grey finish supported by a stavey character that keeps it from feeling flabby or underattenuated. It’s juggling casks to take BALs that can sometimes seem too sweet or aberrant and make something this fantastic and relatively overlooked. @cigarcitybrewing continues it’s reign as the undisputed champions of the Life game in the south and easily amongst the best in the United States. It is contraclimate but I wouldn’t have it any other way

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