Tioga Sequoia is absolutely grinding my beans rn; from six to mocha midnight

A touch thinner body this year but still that intense roast and espresso creaminess to the swallow, I crema’ed my jeans. Full malt bloom and a heft that tastes almost european or like a massive version of Everett, the coffee dovetails and comes across like a smoked Baltic Porter if not for the extremely faint vanilla cat back exhaust just pumping waffle cone out those quad tips. I said this before but their treatment of fresno’s coffee “situation” is remarkable. It transcends the scope of what it sets forth. As far as non barrel aged raw dog stouts go, this eschews the confectionary aisle and goes full v60 14 micron grind on these 559 haters. At present @tiogasequoia is a touch one note with a smattering of other exceptional entries but the stout game they are setting forth is at the very least geography molding akin to the innumerable speedway riffs. Put this in a barrel and return in 9 mos pls

Also if you are in La this Friday, you can come see the ddb live show even before those 312 haters next month

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