Sour Cellars is flooding the 909 and Inland Empire with exactly what they want: methode inspired pLambic for those Monster sippers

I met Bryan Doty about five years ago when he was a focused dude deep in the monoculture/MCB game and I have been following his culture harvesting efforts through the years up through the opening of the Rancho Cucamonga tasting room. The Inland Empire is replete with raised Silverados and burgeoning Moto cross stars in flat brimmed Metal Mullisha hats: the best place to open a pLambic dispensary. This guy is hyper focused in a @funkfactorygeuzeria Levi Funk style way with regards to replicating the methods attendant to spontaneous ferms across the pond, and it shows. I fully expect people to sleep on these guys but it’s highly worth your time and consideration to check them out before their parking lot is brimming with PT cruisers with NotW and “Blue Lives Matter” stickers. The IE is a hell of a drug.

[fn1] I grew up in Fresno so I am allowed to rip on IE. One of my best friends is a Riverside.

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