Jacks Abbey using lager to make malty baby barley bangers 

Is lagerwine life? It’s certainly life adjacent and has all of the phylum and genus taxonomy of a living entity but something is slightly amiss. That warmth like a skor bar blankie fresh from the dryer is conspicuously absent and in its place is a fusel warmth and fabric quality on par with old navy. You’ll run this unbalanced beast into the ground, but if you’re laying drywall do you really want some hefty complex apparel? It’s thin and distinctively lager strain but lacks the world class brute strength in the ba eisbock realm [kuhnhenn luvubb] but still has a clean swallow albeit a tolerable heat on par with watery ass basil Haden’s looking at the big boy bookers doing dead lifts. It’s solid but there’s many for reals bbbws that will lay you down like sheet rock with more depth and cling. I’d still toss on Space Jam and smash this raw dog.

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