Austin Street whipped up a tasty lil brett blonde, tapping that Maine vein

@austinstreetbrewery has long been furtively turning out solid creamy Hop gems, and years ago I remember their burgeoning wild and farmhouse program teetering on unstable ankles, but now the full stride has been achieved. For a brewery that exists perhaps in the literal yet not figurative shadow of Allagash, these Maine ballers are putting more farm content in the streets than Stephen King. This is saffron with a whipped lemon meringue to it, a zested tangerine coupled with almost like basmati rice type of graininess to it. Mouthfeel is thinnnn akin to like St Bretta from @crookedstave which results in this need to really pump those brembos and drive slow to appreciate. Swallow is equally dry and reminds me of jarritos yellow soda but with a touch of Kambert cheese. Not intensely layered but also incredible crooosh, and most saisons just eat shit into an acidity sand trap so to compel either and not turning into a GERDfest is a marked accomplishment in the modern economy. The average new money dipshit will sip an ounce of Clover from a filthy taster glass and say it was forgettable, then laud high praise to some mandible dissolving lactic acid lab sample. Thankfully Austin Street brews for the bookends of the cicerone world: people who still like beer and those who stopped hating it long ago. All of the voluminous dipshits in between can get chondromalacia at a DMv style beer release standing in a pitiable line as a human Pr device.

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