Funk Factory Cherry Meerts wil replace Pét-Nat as the official after bikram brunch drink

The baby calf of the Funk Factory lineup doesn’t have those wobbly legs attendant to its small stature, Mr Meertseeks provides a robust acidic experience. One parts sucrets and another part Jura, this is the more casual side of Funk Factory, it is Funk-curious. The mouthfeel is very thin and the carbonation is crackly and wisps away but the drive of this beer seems to be compacting musky complexity into a 2lbs bag. You don’t need to ruminate and focus on meerts, it’s like Kriekerade made for unfocused enjoyment. As such, it will be a touch too sour for the entry level enthusiast but not complex enough for someone expecting come Cut/Frampaars/fruited Flora experience. So the palate segment is tailored for people who almost are done caring about beer but still like nice things. This will lovingly structure tastings full of stupid shit and provide cerise soaked guidance. It is kinda like the second use fruited wilds from @jesterkingbrewery, some might even find this more compelling that the more dough out brethren due to the refreshment offset. Cherry poppin daddy throw back a bottle of meerts.

OH I GET IT, is nice because, OHHH IS NOT TOO SOUR


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