Cigar City Dioscorides, DDB is the name, Wambles did the chain, Tourneau did the stout, presi plain jane

This is a strange but enjoyable romp in the Wambles field of black licorice flowers. In a stoutgame leaning increasingly bakery aisle in execution, this takes a hard right and opts for that transcontinental roasty bitterness. It’s good and plenties mixed with djarum cloves, a touch of grape hookah on the swallow. You don’t see these Abyss-Esque beers that often anymore. Mikkeller flirts with these dark arts but many are reticent to open up that necronomicon. This won’t set the beer world ablaze but it represents that other segment of the Scandinavian palate where people eat salted black licorice and call it a treat. I give it a “mad deece” out of “hella sippable”

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