Wolfs Ridge made a beer that tastes like straight up left over Cinnamon Toast Crunch milk

If you recall, I was being a complaining baby about the other version of this @wolfsridgebrewing beer. Coffee cream ale made no god damn sense to me. This makes even less sense and I enjoyed it far more. I can’t wrap my head around the casual or correlative sensory dominoes that adding cinnamon improves this, but here we are. This beer tastes quite literally like the left over milk from Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and that’s it. It’s nimble 2% body doesn’t try to extend into nuance or subtle areas: it’s fucking holiday coffeemate. Again, for some reason it’s compelling and charming. A dash of nostalgia, and one part a longing for that cinnamon butter toast that contributed to my childhood obesity. The coffee is nonexistent and the vanilla is the milky underpinnings to this bizarrely lovable class clown of the cream ale world. It wasn’t my proudest fap but I brought the entire bomber to full completion. If you bring this to a party, you will become that craft beer caricature that all of your coworkers envision when someone presents a mean parody of adjunctive excesses, that ne’erdowell rattling off absurd adjectives and all the beer casuals raising their eyebrows in silent mockery of the altar at which you pray to a pitiable cinnamon beverage idol. People prolly will clown ur shit, but u stay sipping good milk.

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