Bent Paddle Valve Jockey is a session barleywine for dudes who are weaning off maltbombs

BIL is a group full of habitual line steppers, this is barleywine albeit highly circumspect. It’s like if someone tasted that ultra thin, almost too dialed in body attendant to Central Waters and decided to remove the bbw aspects. It is distinctly hoppy and has that lightly tobacco swallow that doesn’t come anywhere close to hoppy ambers or a malty mid 2000s “DIPA” but it’s weird. It’s like when Lean Cuisine tries to approximate a 300 calorie osso bucco, or when they release creme brûlée flavored isoprotein. You know what it’s up to but, something is inherently lacking. It’s not the beer’s fault and it’s kinda charming in a Bumble date/noncommittal way. You don’t gotta make a whole night out of it like a clingy Melange 3. Similar to the Tioga/Wren making Zumba-tier revisions of high fructose drops, this is a quirky Michelob Ultra weaning for someone who hasn’t quite given up on the maltlife.

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