Tired Hands made an awesome schwarzbier, not that their consumer base cares. trendler 

For a brewery that can sometimes lean into the eccentric or Scratchesque innovation, @tiredhandsbrewing has had a silent fermenter lock bubbling with classic, clean offerings. Their helles was banging and an impressive Schwartz/Hidden Valley Rauch seems directly in line. It’s without pageantry or frills, no exotic produce to compel the smoky black and mild malt, just an efficient watery swallow that furthers this recent smattering of high flavor low calorie drillers I have accidentally been reviewing in tandem. There’s a hint of anise and good and plenty sweetness that dudes from the Netherlands would love to rub salt all over and call it a treat, but gripping Pirellis and toasted clutch on the nose. The fuchsia ATF fluid remains unroasted, my headgasket unblown. In arguably one of the least compelling or hype driven styles possible, These Ardmore boys are shining almost defiantly to lend a sage credibility to perhaps more Flour and Bean driven exploits. BUT WAIT TIL WE GET HAZY RAUCHBIERS THEN OH MAN U JUST WAIT SO MANY FOLDING CHAIRS

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