Tioga and Wren just dropped a sticky reduced calorie Huna on the masses with religious habit

@tiogasequoia and @wrenhousebrewing teamed up and made zero calorie Mexican Cake. I don’t mean this is dripping in stevia tones, I mean that it’s actually approachable and something you can open without making an entire evening of it or risk losing custody of your kids over. It’s chili casual, for the choco-curious. The body is that weird uncanny valley between Porter and the thinnest imperial stout, which works well for the abv and flavor profile. The heat is mild and integrates nicely with the other additions but molé Nestle Quik would be the best description, but made with evaporated milk like a Mormon household because you got six siblings and Tanner don’t you drink that orange juice without adding water to it, hear me? Overall I would love to see these South Beach diet versions of existing excessive archetypes. It is a touch conflicting to retro engineer those flabby mexibomb stouts into cleaner more approachable types, but I like it. Consider this the training wheels for your dipshit coworker who loves to read beer labels as he drinks it and declare what he is tasting. He will eventually be steeped in MBC and raffle shit, but this is his first apple hit of sativa before getting into wax chocolate dabs and chili shatterpieces

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