Casey Raspberry Cut, that 1pp got those beer nerd berries aching for punchdown

It was a long time coming for this framboise banger that Troy Casey called “the best fruited beer that [he has] ever made.” So naturally I drank it in some Holiday Inn Express plasticware. Let’s put aside the obvious: the magenta foam and deep carmine profile is gorgeous and unlike some acute Cuts, this has a pillowy sustain of carb trickling upwards like preteen hands at a 21 Pilots show. The nose is Rosé and dry muddled blackberry aspect. It isnt as excoriating or Saharan as some raspberry beers can get. However this is far from a Juicy Juice recess cooler as well. If a “can I finish a 750ml without GERD onset?” Is a litmus test of quality AWAs, then rest assured there will be no GI ulcer profiles onset. I have long touted my love for the CFP lineage above the cuts, but when the cuts are this deep, everyone wants the bone. This is easily one of the best casey beers ever made and I say that as someone who loves their pure saison non-fruited lineup more: it excels against its own. The swallow begins to hit your larynx and leaves a lingering Gamay crackle with punchdown skins and a subtle sharp cheddar thing. There are more accessible entires within Casey’s own lineup that come close, but if you are the type of screen print Tee wearing exbando who desires the best of some obscure niche hobby: then line right up. Finally a new outlet of self flagellation for your misbegotten self esteem, achievement predicated on consumption with zero active participation: the best kind of success.

One thought on “Casey Raspberry Cut, that 1pp got those beer nerd berries aching for punchdown

  1. Just found your blog and we are hooked! This post especially made us want to piss our pants laughing (preteens at 21 Pilots concert) and it also makes us want to try these beers. Not usually a huge proponent of fruit beers, but from your description, we may have to try it and throw it on the beer list!

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