Creature comforts, Blvd and azw space docked and made a tame intensely drinkable ba Lager 

People have asked me about this insane collab and I can confirm, while not a paradigm shift: it is exceptional. It Voltrons the best elements of each oddball item and presents the funk and grist of @creaturecomfortsbeer and still has a degree of big micro panache and consistency attendant to blvd. It’s dry and clean like a weird Chablis Martinellis, just apple skin and white grape. The oak is more of a structuring aspect that gives a lip smacking chaperone driving up croooosh levels. It’s like ramping up a low class beer to insanely refined levels, like when Dodge made the srt4 neon, why does this exist and god damn it’s solid. My fav part is when this recalibrates the typical BA dipshit palate beyond a resinous cringey west coast IPA or grocery store beer.

Azw obviously sourced the produce and just made this bang over 808 drums

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