Lagunitas high westified makes beer traders look like total dipshits

This beer is so god damn delicious and accessible that it single handedly destabilizes the dipshit beer trading game. Every time this is bottled Fedex stock plummets and maladjusted pokeBros have to evaluate their priorities and the laughable diminishing returns in their “hobby.” It’s that tasty and it sits at the fukn grocery store. Sure we can twist our nips and cry about Heineken ownership, fine all day. But ultimately the roast barrel profile and fantastic heft and viscosity of the body blows more inaccessible offerings away and then you see the price and it’s like a DDT to your Maslow hierarchy of validation. If you predicate your self esteem on consumption, then this won’t move the needle because it’s garden fare that everyone can partake in, it’s not the one off color Yeezy boosts that make you feel accomplished: instead it’s just a tasty beer. What a fukn rip off.

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