This mobcraft beer is the worst beer I have had, or will have in 2017. It simply can’t get worse.

Well I spoke too soon: this is easily the worst beer I have had in 2017 and potentially top 10 worst beer that I have ever had the misfortune of sampling. I am sitting here reeling trying to decide what’s shittier, this roasted Michelin pipe of raked compost, or Eminem Encore, clean edition. It’s seriously so unapproachably offputting. Where do we begin? You get oil refinery, yard waste bin, ROOR water, and latex balloons filled with your parents separation paperwork. It’s soul crushing and the nadir of what fermented liquids are capable of, the liquid form of dog fighting, pure depraved sadness devoid of Merit. If you love terroir and insanely peaty gems, but also enjoy inherently flawed beers, you are the tiny segment this beer seeks to reach in its penumbra. If you’ve ever driven the i5 through central California and smelt those cow manure meets tire fire pockets that approach without warning, then here we are. It’s almost fascinating in how terrible it is, a Joe Rogan cicerone fear factor challenge. This is not “so bad it’s good” like Stallone in Cobra, this is so bad it’s actually worse like Birdemic 2. The fact that someone crowd sourced this leads me to believe this has to be a joke, it’s impossible from a sensory basis to want this. 

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