Side Project Langst is a peppy, unique riff on the endlessly crowded segment of Barrel Aged Adambiers

Barrel aged adambier isn’t Life per de but it’s god damn close to it, it’s like Alicia Vikander in Ex Machina. I went into this expecting a lean scrap box fight akin to BA vermillion and got something totally unexpected: a blast of red fruit like some Gushers extra. The carb and mouthfeel leaves something to be desired but after letting Alan Sprints step on my cubes repeatedly with those Doggy style offerings, I’ll let tepid body slide. You ever swipe right for PERSONALITy? lol she has a Tardis on her profile wow so wacky. This exudes originality and charm, and the nose is a wild ride of turbinado sugar, plum, leather bicycle seat, sugar babies and caramelized raisins. The body is relatively thin, but it almost has this mouthfeel like a massive napa Grenache with bakers chocolate up in the mix. It feels boozier and more substantial than the 10% abv would suggest, and the swallow has this weird phenolic spiciness almost akin to a BA st bernardus or, stay with me here, like an old Fantome Noel. I can’t place how @cory_king_ did it, but it’s as packed with detail in a taut package like Updike prose. There’s depth in its economy. It’s one of the least flabby Side Project beers but still retains a nuanced approach to essentially untread ground. This is Adam from the Woods sensitive younger brother that does improv and Academic Decathlon. 

I don’t know if I can fap to this but I will damn well try

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