Mobcraft Aunt Hazel is actually very good, shocker. Wisconsin is redeemed through the prior sins.

As much as I rip on Mob Craft, this adjunct bomb is easily the best thing they’ve made and even globally falls somewhere in the realm of [prebuyout Funky Buddha] except there’s no cocks on the label. It’s not heavy handed with the residual sugars, nice toasted pumpernickel, massive chunks of hazel nut floating like fucking dandruff in the substrate, but it’s oddly welcome in its filth. Unlike their other beers this isn’t something you give to your friend and wait for Ashton to pop out. This is far from a “Carthaginian Solution” and there is no palatial destruction. It’s entirely drinkable and the adjuncts never dominate. It’s legitimately a good beer, and that almost makes things worse. If a brewery is some five tap handle 001 strain shit run by a guy whose stepdad gave him a loan then ok, fuck that guy. But the fact that the same brewery can turn out so many terrible beers and one, just one exceptional liquid, places it solidly in the “East End Brewing” of hat tricks. Kinda like Megaman in Marvel v. Capcom, this is extremely fair, enjoyable, won’t dominate or make your tasting feel broken. Fantastic Nutella and cocoa scone in a clean profile, what’s not to love.

Even a broken mash tun sparges right twice a day.

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