Veil and Monkish colabing is super derivative and Tritely exceptional. It’s like a STI EVO COLAB. Matt Matt veil veil juice juice haze haze slurry slurry 

Matt Matt from the Veil Veil, (god damn)x2. “Youalreadyknowwhatthisshitis” a Every SoundCloud ever. It’s exceptional and on the upper middle tier in the genre defining monkish realm which continues to remain content competing with itself. It’s like the Ussain Bolt of trubcans where you already set the Olympic record but you keep competing just to nerf everyone else. “Brewers recognize because Veil n Monkish is the truth and the haze same color Tropicana orange juice” – Young Jizzle from the bottom of the map, 50 round clip on the bottom of the strap/cicerone

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