Toolbox Nyssa Peach, acidic lightning in a bottle

DONT SAY A WORD, don’t be grateful if shitty beer reviews ever made you laugh. What’s at stake here is more than just stone fruit reputations. Toolbox even after Peter Perrecones departure to Belching Beaver has been putting out wild ales that do two things: first drilled and screwed as fuck, the drops are 1.00000 to the JK exponent. Acidity, here’s the issue, no frosty grist no creamy whip just chardonnay and tight dry fume blanc. It’s less peach and more atomic warhead, salt and sour ropes, brackish tart finish. It reminds me when an awesome Gt mustang undergoes the saleen or rousch “upgrades” that makes it wholly undriveable on a daily basis. As it warms it becomes more gentle and less pure Chardonnay. It’s tongue buckling and hard to endorse for long mileage, I feel the lingual furrowing, bisecting along the salivary glands. You ever get hella into rock candy and then can’t perform cunnilingus? LOL JK no one has ever had that problem. In sum, this is pretty good albeit not a solo mission. As a corollary, the 10th anniversary 180g pressing of Juturna is a must own. 

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