Mob Craft Hoppy Hoppy Pants Pants is a dipa from a dystopian haze-free nightmare timeline

Man this was a rough hewn blast from the mid 2000s land locked past. Take the POG apricot haze craze and invert it as completely as possible, thick malty resins like an oversparged American barleywine, crushed potpourri, extreme sappy extraction akin to all boil warrior hops, tree bark, Palm fronds, and raked ground cover make this swing far from prevailing market trends. The nose has this stemmy overextracted/oversteeped dry hop aspect to it that is bitter and reminiscent of Darjeeling sun tea. The carb is good [?] so there’s that. This presents a market alternative to the things that everyone is currently demanding, so it is occupying a segment, albeit one complete devoid of consumer desire. Wisconsin people drink more beer than any other state in the nation but I would be shocked if this was a staple in those binges.

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