Wolf’s Ridge Terre Sauvage Gold, Ohio turning out some redeeming Hawthorne Heights tier wild ales


Having had a huge slice of Wolf’s Ridge offerings, they present a wide swath of styles and color palates to play with.  Their top seller is a coffee and vanilla cream ale that was not lacking, but it was god damn confusing.  Their tripel was extremely dialed in and fusel to the point of being off balance, but then they also brewed arguably the best Dopplebock I have ever had outside of Germany. Their shit is bonkers and all over the place.  So by this metric: their adjunct stouts are well executed so under the law of K/D, their wild ale has to suck shit? Wrong.

Terre Sauvage demonstrates that this brewery likes to keep one foot on the traditional steps of the brewing pool and hang onto the edge, emphasizing the base saison qualities without going balls to the sauvage wall relying on the rose hips and coriander too much. It’s faintly acidic and presents melon and kumquat but stacked on a firm base of saison phenols, lil bit of fruit stripe gum and ritz cracker body.  This wont rock your world, but I would defy you to find anything lacking either.  I would far prefer a focused, clean approach that demonstrates skill and control in wild ales over the lactic acid mandible dissolvers that really have no application outside of shares with 18 maladjusted dipshits in a backyard.

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