Cycle Brewing Double Barrel Vanilla Rare Dos No Tagbacks Triple Jinx variant.


The common refrain is that Cycle beers are “too thin” and yet, the greasy Floridian populace shuffles daily to their malty breadlines on the weekday releases to claim their candy water succor.  Since the sheer volume of 5 bottle sets from this brewery is overwhelming, I usually have to remain content to sit back and wait to see which is the “best” and then gauge Cycle’s development accordingly.  These sand dollar nips cant take the caloric hit of repeated ba stout ravaging, poking around blindly for quality.

Thankfully this beer is very deece, is not a touch on the more svelte realm that will disappoint people who got into craft beer 18 months ago, aka the TRU BEER VETS. It is entirely drinkable but maintains enough of a heft and sticky cling to present an A frame for the admittedly one dimensional vanilla character.  It’s a very good dimension, but just not a ton going on.  Krang opens dimension X and its like, basically nothing but rock soldiers, and that’s fine. There isn’t a sheet cake oiliness or that Yankee candle bullshit from oversteeped/overextracted shit that comes across synthetic.  It’s a stout first and foremost and presents a great lil waxiness like a klondike bar shell.

The swallow reminds me of whoppers and a kit kat sort of thing but you can actually drink the entire bottle and you dont feel like you just engaged in analingus at Coldstone Creamery, so high merits for that. DDB’s attention seeking bullshit notwithstanding, this is a really solid entry and seems to hit that sweet spot amicably.  It’s tough to reconcile the cost of entry when you can have FOb3 for basically the same price and be much better off, but that doesn’t mean this is deficient in any way.

Go drop soft loads in ur waffle cone.

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