Elk Valley Rum Barrel Nemesis, another incredible, socially-destabilizing canned beer from Oklahoma’s most negligent brewery


This is well tread ground at this point: I love what this brewery is up to.  The hop game is lower upper tier, but god damn these absurd, massive barrel aged beer in cans just continue to floor me figuratively and literally.  Not quite BarleyLife but not yet pastry stout either, PastryLife as it were. This beer has a roasty frothy body like smashed walnuts, the middle swallow imparts a chocolate macaroon with them coconut flakes present in more of an oily degree rather than straight up Mounds indian burns.

This doesn’t belong in a can. I have a feeling that Elk Valley has a bunch of criminal defense attorneys on the payroll just cleaning up on DUI cases.  If you want to see a SeaDoo crash onto the lakeshore, this is how you accomplish that.  You know those WACKY ZOMG EPIC FAIL videos on UNILAD where someone eats total shit in a golf cart down a 9 stair? This is the inception of those activities.

It hides the booze exceptionally well, and the sweetness never dominates over the graham cracker body. If the olfactory is blocked and legitimately enjoyed out of a can, then I hope your ride on mower has an autokill feature because someone is falling off that bad bitch.

It would be an LSAT tier logic game to attempt to name something else of this quality to cost of entry ratio.  I don’t know if these are accessible but I just want more of them, MY BIERSTICK BECKONS.


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