Other Half and Monkish twice baked potato, tater chasers rejoice

This beer is literally pale, like a person with no melanin. It’s almost like gray, taking this whole cloud shit to literal levels. The aesthetics of this makes Hoof Hearted look bangable by contrast but, does it put the rhizomes to the road? It isn’t just crackly pineapple juice, and shows a degree of maturity and conifer depth that rounds out with a modicum of grapefruit pith. It feel developmentally like some Rousseau Emilè blend of Monkish meets Tired Hands parenting and the child is none the worse for wear. The taste is spicy on the front end, capsaicin and apricot juice, crackly like EmergenC. The swallow is watery like the mouthfeel and exhibits all the clean albeit aquatic qualities of extreme dry hopping, which isn’t a neg, it’s just a truism of hop couture these days. Is this worth lining up overnight for? What kind of decadent life do you live where your time is both worth that little and you are seeking top tier luxury consumables, with a rapidly encroaching degradation attendant to them? This. Or anyone in the game really, but good sticky cans always get their cones stepped on the most because it’s supposed to be a style of accessibility and entry level weed palates. It’s exceptional but albatrossed with a culture of camping chair dumb fucks raising the stakes to sky high levels. It’s no ones fault except the dudes driving Chevy Sonics and opening 911 lease payment bottles on the reg, we have their shortsightedness to thank for god tier offerings and their inaccessibility. I’m tryna crush these danky ass milkers that government grade👏hop👏schedule 👏shit

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