Wolfs Ridge Terre Sauvage is incredible, why isn’t every other style that they put out?

This brewery Wolfs Ridge don’t make no fucking sense. Usually I would say “pick a lane” but they swerve all over and put out okay items in some realms but then concurrently release one of the best doplebocks ive ever had and then do a ba rose hip and coriander saison that is excellent. So what do you even say. Stop doing anything that isn’t these gentle and focused ideas that are good? It’s a scatter shot that hits bulls eyes with other misses. How do you hit that mark so hard on the hardest styles and then completely whiff on something like a coffee vanilla cream ale? I have no idea. But a .333 grand slam is enough to keep Barry Bonds in the hall of fame no asterix. This brewery does some things, unrepeatable world class, and then everything else is just fine. This is squarely in the awesome realm. 

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