Highland park lol super cloud I’m keto but lean mass don’t even try really I’m srs

Haters out here actin like we aren’t grinding drinking lemon meringue candles and crying and drunk dialing old crushes from yearbooks. I know it’s his parents old landline, like you didn’t want to kiss Landon? Fukn liar. I’m gonna stunt at my ten year reunion, guess who drinks slurry trubwhales and has a bagged Silverado on altezza smoked tailies? Yeah I see your Barefoot wine shit and Gerbers graduate baby pounding apricot ticks, but I’ll do you one better, four deep with my best bros and we all got hazy cans and we throw kickers every Thursday. Trent bought a fire pit and the dude we rent the townhouse from was ultra pissed taking about HOa and shit but guess what, i am not tryna do pills with the HOa, in tryna drink that sticky guava and meet an ex suicide girl, maybe u heard of them? That’s what I thought, ur in a Nissan Rogue I’m in this sick ass Del Sol with a b18 swap, prolly don’t don’t shit abt London ale III or vtec cams, that’s why I can trip balls at Joshua tree and use family leave (dads get fmla too and they don’t check) while ur like I dunno like inventing chemicals or some lame shit. Of course ur jealous we got the haze and ur girl got a swoopy hat and a sun dress talkin bout “broth ira” on some soup shit when we stay on boullion shit. If u think ur tight, ok simple test you got two kids but who smokes g13 strains? Exactly. Who gots cold air intake and all dry hopping. I live like this bc others can’t and if u try then buddy good frickin luck bc I got a chipped Silverado [5.7 corvette engine not bragging btw] I’ll embarrass u don’t try it. Haze for everything, they let me drink this in my GED classes I tell them it’s energy drink fukn noob ass instructor believes me.

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