Henry McKenna 10 year might be the absolute best deal in bourbon, dollar to fun ratio is off the charts 

The one question I get despite my garbage bourbon palate is: what is a [every single time this price range] $40 bourbon I can buy for [the person who is in charge of me.] you can’t get them to spend a cent more that 40 is the magic number. In my opinion $40 is this insane high water mark between so many NDP, no age statement, not single barrel, proofed down, burners; and the rest of fun bourbon. Sure you can just say Eagle rare and walk away but, is that FUN: it is something you get excited about? This is a legitimately fun bourbon for under thirty dollars. That’s CIROC pricing. Despite that you get a ten year age statement, you get a single barrel and it isn’t pulverized with agua into the sub 90pf realm like some yellow label 4roses for baby palates. In fact, this banger delivers allspice, moderate heat, dryness; pencil shavings, planed lumber and Nougat. The dollar to fun ratio is unparalleled. The next rung of hot deals is occupied by knob creek single barrel and Dickel 9 year single barrel, but that’s another whole $15-20. Of we are talking legitimate economy bourbon that slays things way above its weight class, this takes huge haymakers at the Bookers and Smooth Ambler realm and heaven hill remains the Pepsi to Buffalo Trace’s coke and I will embrace the underdogs every time. Only in bourbon are the diminishing returns more hilarious than in beer but, Florida/StL stouts are doing their best to snatch the crown.

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