Weyerbacher Sunday Mole Stout, spicy Shasta offbrand adjunct deals

If Oddside Brewing makes the Shasta whales for the common man to enjoy, then Weyerbacher falls somewhere in the “bulk offbrand bag cereal” realm in the scope of hot deals. They aren’t quiiiite on par with the famous big ticket items that they are emulating but, for most people it will be close enough that it doesn’t matter a whole lot. If you just wanna crack a Sunday Morning Stout and watch Dancing with The Stars then sure this will get the job done, no FedEx account required. The trappings don’t feel like faults and come across more as “safety measures.” It’s never too big or too eccentric, it’s that “hot”sauce at a corporate restaurant that is dialed back to ensure no lawsuits ensue. It’s a touch svelte but not in a Central Waters/leaky bandits calling card sort of way, this feels more like “stepdads in Erie will like us more if we are less objectionable.” And that’s fine. Everyone feels like their 370z is king shit until a real GTR shows up at the tasting. The mole aspects are present and never get written up, but the aspirations remain firmly in the assistant manager realm and this beer isn’t trying to climb the adjunct corporate ladder any time soon. Sometimes having that spicy friend who just doesn’t bail is good enough. 

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