Elk Valley Whiskey Barrel Mexican nemesis

Listen if barrel aged strong ales is all that sell Valley shines at then great, I am more than happy to sing their praises because they consistently slay with these oddly unclassifiable offerings. It’s like if you took Kuhnhenn, thawed them out, gave them a malty Oklahoma belt buckle and showed em how to rope on the barleyrange. Part stout part old ale part Mexican divertirme extravaganza, this is like if they let Jeffers at Firestone go bananas with the FW16 blend and add all kinds of Tex mex flair to it. It first and foremost is a tightly erected barrel with the staves on full flex. There’s some tobacco and cinnamon, churros and wheat whiskey, macaroon and espresso. Usually these go way too huge and overstay their adjuncts welcome but this is parrying with the epee staying on the balls of its feet the entire time with airtight rejoinders. If you ever played Ikaruga you know that frantic dance between light and dark shield and this is how it is for your palate. It’s a sticky bullet hell schmup with a perfect difficulty curve for your palate, and I like this aberrant offering more than 90% of these Abuelita disasters crowding the trade boards. Chase Healy needs to colab with these dudes already. OkieDocking 2017

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