Commonwealth Brewing Marvoloso is a fantastic undersung VA gem

I had pretty meh expectations for this. On paper a hoppy purveyor of alpha acid goods rarely crosses the aisle to craft some compelling ba stouts. I was very wrong and this beer has a Nestle Quik poise coupled with a silky Buffalo Trace dove bar finish. The carb is minimal and emphasizes the crushed satin along the gumline. This doesn’t have an underattenuated drag to it but it isn’t bone dry either, the Hershey Syrup to 2% ratio is spot on, mama is gone let me lick the spoon.

 I could use a touch more roastiness to temper some of the sweet notes but this is far from the Three Floyds or Cigar City realm of “FG vis a vis OG” type of sticky sweetness. Barrel profile unified the experience with a type of krispie treat meets tollhouse chip. The beer drinks akin to Parabola which is essentially the gold standard in my book for integration and tightly woven stout seams. I have no idea how accessible this one is but I would be shocked if this brewery makes a beer better than this, exceptional.

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