2nd Shift Blackberry Katy, a new berry challenger appears!

Y the fuck you call it purple when you mix it pink. You know I fucking mix the drinks when the shit’s too strong, this ain’t a saison. Mite not make it.

That Chateau de Douchebag was a surprise hit so it piqued my interest in these Second Shifters. This little berry spritzer did not disappoint either and for a brewery that I expected some ham fisted execution, actually rolls out very refined caseyesque offerings. The nose has a touch of ground bloomer detonated firework sulphur, but there’s a cherry 7up crackle to it that is loveable like grape fruit leather. It pops and sizzles but doesn’t maintain a bullshit sucrose krausen that crackles away, it keeps pumping out the raspberry la croix tones.

The taste is extremely light and there’s a deliberately gentle messaging of the acidity. It strikes with a Hawaiian Punch to the lower gumline but like a SFII jab it recoils instantly and remains poised. This isn’t like most blackberry iterations in that it doesn’t go tannic, merlot, sour; it falls almost closer to the framboise realm and I am ultimately grateful for same. It’s has a weird chalky hardness to the finish that is lip smacking and actually lends itself to faster drinking without that acidic turbo lag while your upper GI spoils up.

For the uninitiated, this drills like a fun Rosé or a fruited pret nat. Everyone can drink  this, and they should. I’m not gonna make some condescending sexist jab at sorority palates and then retreat behind craft beer marketing statistics, but there is a certain segment that would very much enjoy this that perhaps would otherwise be occupying themselves in a more Bellini forward ambit.

It’s good, and thanks to the crushing Side Project hype defraying attention, the cost of entry couldn’t be more reasonable. Get it inside of u.

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