Live Oak doesn’t give a fuck about the current beer dipshit market and it is amazing

“Hey let’s make an amber lager. Also fuck those prediabetic dipshits lining up for confectionary aisle ales” – Live Oak, probably.

Here is the Live Oak marketing strategy in a nutshell: 1) brew only the most completely forgotten or irrelevant styles, 2) do them better than anyone else in the entire world 3) let other breweries make saccharine stouts.

Zero haze. Failure pilsner. 

Talk about a brewery that couldn’t give a squirt of second runnings about what is “in” I don’t even think they have a house ale strain. This place makes beers from this bizarro Papazian timeline where Gore won in 2000, no one discovered hops, and clean ass lagers became refined. 

I went there last year and the hilariously simple yet genius lay out of this place is underscored with the direct focus of what they do: they make like eight beers total and none of them have subdordinate clauses as names. They use horizontal used dairy tanks to reduce hydrostatic pressure.  You don’t give a fuck. I tell people all the time about simple elegant canned lagers and as we speak a raffle for a rum barrel neopolitan beer is filling for $800.

I took this to a sketch comedy show and a casual said “this is the best normal beer I’ve ever had.” That’s a phenomenal compliment in my book.

We deserve the beer scene we create. I almost never urge people to exit their markets and leverage FedEx but, for cost of entry please lean on a friend from Austin because there’s no way you have anything like this in your local market.

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