Off color Bonaparte’s revenge, for once side project fans didn’t ruin things for everyone

In post enlightenment France, revolutionaries destroyed all glass cleaner. A savage time of upheaval. Thankfully the beer is solid enough to shine over and above my nucleation sites. Orange Fanta mixes with candied tangerine peel, its La Croix spritzer with 50/50 bar mixed in. If anyone has had orange egg foam or OBang! You’ll know the feels. It is decidedly wild ale over and above saison, but that’s not a complete knock, ask Crooked Stave.

I could use a bit more grist or creaminess to the mouthfeel but the mineral swallow is not unwelcome. A Brett B profile and bitterness dominates the gumline but never becomes distracting. I enjoyed the lemon lime of papillon more 🦋 but this is still very tasty zesty Donald Duck. A hipster server once comped me a glass of orange wine and this is akin to that, like how last year everyone was all into Jura wines and every dipshit who went to Momofuku and savagely rides David Chang’s jock seeks out the newest and hottest: this is hot and new take on citrus with none of the exasperating secondary leveraging. 
I mostly just want bottles that have seen more of the country than I have, that Hyundai warranty mileage on them. BRB trading for VR.

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