pMelvin Asterisk DIPA, some mid 2000s mosaic revisionism

Are you craving some Shasta Sosus? Well here you go. This massages your mosaic comes to oily discharge. This may be confusing, a DIPA that you can see through, that isn’t some arugula disaster or Jamba Juice discard bin. Again, this shit keeps it old school, with a hop that didn’t exist in the mid 2000s. Maybe it did. I don’t know go read beerpulse for hot breaking late 2000s news and label reprints.

It is such a pure iteration of the hop varietal that it remains focused and almost heavy handed in its execution. Mowed fescue and cut melon wind like a crisper drawer double helix. Breweries simply aren’t making stuff like this and it’s a fun/complex albeit less refreshing gap in the market. It runs the risk of becoming overbearing with a fusel aspect as it warms, but the tundra clean evergreen keeps things in check šŸŒ² 

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