Melvin Citradamus imperial IPA, sticky hops to esco to hopcobar now he is hopstradamus

I been juicing my cones to Melvin since they were Thai’ing tickers up in Jackson Hole. But when I saw they made like three imperial IPAs I had to pinch the bridge of my nose and wince at the usual Fusel wafty ethanol crystal bombs I am often subjected to. Melvin keeps shit Beachwood style old school, tightly crafted, neatly stitched late 2000s hop bombs. This beer is oddly drinkable for being well within strong ale abv, the bittering aspects are restrained and the nose is grand marnier and triple sec pushed through a christmas wreath. 

It’s diverse and layered, a bit o honey sweetness 🍯 to the body that drags like a dry Riesling hopslam. Swallow is intensely clean and without an oily drip. It’s the ground bloomer of the hop game, intense radiant burn for a hot second and then leaves you wanting another sip. It’s not hazy, it’s not a juice bomb. It’s the type of shit that buttresses style awards and reinforces tradition like when the new Honda Afford comes out and suddenly everyone has to have a lane departure warning. 

Stay outta Melvins lane.

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