Wren House Brewing Happy Camp is the official beer to watch Salute your Shorts with 

Inb4DGM. Happy Camp is….pretty fine. I don’t mean that in a “reverse kangol catcaller” sort of “fine” I mean it in an even keeled elevator discussion, things are “fine.” It’s neither too sticky nor too danky nor too oil forward, it doesn’t have a vegetal aspect, but the limited arugula tones are offset by a pineapple undercarriage that reduces palate road noise. It is pleasant and doesn’t command your attention, nor does it add a red squiggly underline for execution errors either. 

It exists in the most competitive segment possible and fucks nothing up and emerges unscathed as a driller that encounters no alpha acid bedpan. The bittering boil hops aren’t hamfisted and the swallow reminds me of those cum colored life savers. Whatever flavor that is supposed to be. It’s a beverage that enhances your pre-existing activity, without trying to be the activity itself, it’s a manifest of what Michelob ultra ads want to portray. Shit is fine.

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