Commonwealth Brewing Big Papi DIPA, throw ur hands in the ay yer if yous a crystal malt player

Commonwealth Brewing big papi tosses its hat into the ever increasing DIPA pint can realm, with tempered success. First and foremost, you’ll notice that this is an anomalous CA ale strain in a land of Conans and Boddingtons, NO FLAKED OAT ARE WE SAVAGES OR ARE WE CICERONES. The body has residual sweetness like those crystal laden offerings from Founders, but it is laced in so tightly that it doesn’t become cloying. There’s some biscuit with THC extract drizzle, honeycomb and composted pine needles, and an oily papaya finish. 

It’s like eating tropical produce with incense burning in an 8th graders bedroom, just enough probable cause for the charges to stick. While not entirely ale changing, just seeing a brewery akin to Modern Times that is able to produce consistent, classic, thoughtful renditions of old staples is quite refreshing. I mean, it could have cardamom or grits added to the mash and I wouldn’t be surprised in this 2017 beer climate.

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