The Veil Brewing We Ded Mon, Jamba Juice dead lifts

We Ded Mon, the pulpy 11% beast Jack Lalanes its way onto the TIPa scene, with mixed results. It has massive grist and whipped lemon meringue, home run pie filling, a frothy expansive carbonation like steamed milk and just enough creamy orange sherbert body to offset the considerable wafty structure of this beast. 

It is one of the most complex iterations in this style and somehow remains drinkable which is almost problematic given the abv. You’ll be drunk dialing chicks from your Junior High yearbook, reeking of citra and raked pine needles 🌲, kids coming downstairs thinking juice Santa is here. 

The finish is long and resinous, bitter, imbalanced but still lovable like ur fashion student exGF. Grapefruit rind hits hard like Kimbo Slice, I can only see limited utility for this but the role that it hits can jump start or immediately end a casual evening.

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