Dominion City, north field saison, more like way way north. All the way up. 

A pretty solid offering from them Mountie boys, albeit not a barn-shifter in the hay baling realm. This is attenuated and Dialed harder than the economy soap aisle, Dove soft, all Levers pulled. It is oddly bitter like pear skin, with a middle body that’s like Lime Le Croix, insubstantially thin body that swallows like prickly Powerade. 

There’s a yeasty phenolic aspect to the swallow kinda akin to banana peel pith that reminds me of Blaugies. It’s very easy to drink but lacks the mouthfeel or complexity of the god tier offerings in this realm. If Jester King is La Coste, this is somewhere in the Gant spectrum. dominioncity continues to make beers that are super delicate however not the loudest attention seeking rabble rousers on the farm.

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