Sante Adairius Hoeybier, sugar pie hoeybier, u kno that I love u

I love that the same dipshits who won’t blink at dropping four figures on an Ann have largely no basis of knowledge for other incredible barrel aged saisons.  In the aether there are mercurial wisps like this Sacramento Beer Week gem, a saison aged in odonata wine barrels. At the intersection of HF Anna and Casey East Bank is this intensely crisp, clean and lithely jubilant farmhouse ale. It bleeds melon and cut kumquat, cantaloupe and white grape seeping from its pores, the ph is so pleasant and obsequious that the bottle is merked at an almost disappointing rate.

There is a touch of grist to the swallow and if you have had Empty Sea or Nonna’s Blend [x] then you are already strapped in for this Six Flags rustic rollercoaster.  You can drill this entire bottle without reflection because it underscored what ELSE is going on, in that effortless way that the naturally beautiful can pull their hair into a messy ponytail and still look arresting in the casual grace. 

Journalistically, there isn’t much marrow to suck out of this bone. Everyone knows Sara is arguably the hardest in the saison game at the moment so underscoring it amounts to base taunting at a certain point. “Seek out this 700 bottle saison!” Works double duty as an imperative and pulls upon the greasy neck hair of the disenfranchised. I am well aware at this point.

Low residual sugars, sick gains.

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