GUIZE InBev and MidwestBeerblog says we cant call BCBCS “infected” ur in trble

So apparently Inbev is allegedly giving pushback against people using the superlative “infected” when describing their clearly infected bottles of bourbon county coffee, and bourbon county barleywine.  Well, that is according to the inimitable MIDWESTBEERBLOG, which I am sure is already all of your homepages and #1 source of beer news.

Check this shit out:

This blog is claiming InBev contacted him directly and told him that he shouldn’t call BCBCS “infected”

I was like wutttttt, inbev never comes and touches middles with old DDB.

According to the site:
“UPDATE: Megan Lagesse, communications manager for Anheuser-Busch InBev’s craft beer division, reached out to me Friday afternoon to clarify that the beers are not infected, which is the word I used to desribe the beers in a previous post.

“The beer is not infected,” she wrote in an email. “Infected would imply a bacteria problem or cause for safety concern.”

To be clear, when I used the word infected it was not meant to imply that the beer was contaminated by some deadly bacteria. Instead, I was using the word infected in the way it is commonly used in the beer world. That is to say, the off flavor was possibly caused by a wild yeast or bacteria that made it’s way into the beer without the brewer’s intention of it being there.”


U guize better not say that the beer is INFECTED, that’s straight up defamation per se alleging bad business practices and they’ll suffer srs losses n damages. THEY GET TO SKIP DUTY AND BREACH IF U SAY THAT. ur fukd.

Right. Because every time a brewer discusses an infected beer, everyone runs for hazmat suits and diflucan.  I drank Hellshire II, I survived.  I pooped some blood but hey, I have also lived through Small Animal Big Machine, NBD.

So then I was like WAIT A SECOND it must be that midwestbeerblog is more RELEVANT than DDB, so I went to Alexa to check the reach of this journalistic titan:


Global Rank

Global rank icon 18,725,849
wait wut
even shitty ass DDB cracked the ol 7 figgers slot:

Global Rank

Global rank icon 955,217
IN CLOSING: do not refer to the products as “infected,” use a suggested buzzword from corporate inbev like “BONUS LACTO BCBCS” or “acidity enhanced Barleywine” or “baby diaper vintage stout” when discussing the flaws in those beers.  I appreciate your cooperation.

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