Businessinsider let’s u KNO what beers are overrated. Well kinda.
I don’t even know what the angle is here. At a certain point when beer writing gets so shitty I can’t tell if it’s a bad AdverTorial, trolling, intentional misinformation, or outright satire. Not only does this article fail to even tell you specifically what is overrated but its solutions are somehow even more opaque. Did I honestly just read that Fat Tire is the solution to overrated beers? Is someone nonironically telling me to drink ESBs instead of IPAs? I want in on the bit.

We are all dumber for having read this shit, I award businessinsider zero points and may God have mercy on their soul.

2 thoughts on “Businessinsider let’s u KNO what beers are overrated. Well kinda.

  1. Drink this instead:
    “… a light lager such as Michelob ULTRA allows folks to keep an eye on their carbs and calories without sacrificing taste, as the premium lager weighs in at only 95 calories and 2.6 g carbs per 12 oz. serving. The taste profile includes subtle fruit and citrus aromas complementing this light-bodied beer’s smooth and refreshing taste.”

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