Old Forester Birthday Bourbon: tfw ur BALs are horizontal and vertical 

 The k and l single barrel pick has nice cut lumber and residual oakiness, but really only marginally better than regular old forester which is a solid deal in the $30 realm.
The 2013 was my personal favorite of this baby vert, blast of red berry and cherry cordial tempered with a touch of red hots.

The 2014 was also very good but not the darling everyone painted it out to be in them brown water tater forums. The nose is dried banana chips; duraflame log and hot tamales. The taste is an oaky tannic blast of shop class and nilla wafers. It closes with a sort of almond skin that is fine but def not worth the steep cost of entry. Plus this nearly double in secondary price over the past year, so maybe just sip regular ass eagle rare or woodford reserve instead.

The 2015 is also exceptional and one of the best deals in the real of “affordable secondary notes” sitting pretty at like $160 at this time. A 12 year age statement with a perfectly refined 100 proof that delivers the calm heat of something akin to four roses yellow label. This is sticky candy apple, maple and brown sugar, and an exceptionally long finish. The nose screams holiday cheer with vanilla and clove, puréed elf cum and smashed gingerbread persons. 

Oh hey shit you know what else is an awesome 100 proof banger?

I love that the majority of BTAC obsessed wholly ignore the stellar offerings from SAOS. An age stated single barrel offering for $60 is crazy in this day and age. It makes me hesitant to bring up the Bookers one offs and such on this site because while I am content to ruin beer for myself, I don’t feel like ruining the bourbon world for myself just yet. 

No amount of cinnamon dregs will make this Gop debate palpable.

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