Mikkeller BA Vanilla Shake: the proud vanilla matriarch cedes the regal yoke under the crushing expanse of time

Before the noble Vanilla experiment was conducted, this beer was the toast of the town. The speculation across the board was that this beer would usher in a new era of stout prosperity and barrel aged benevolence to the subservient retinue of vanilla attendants. And to be clear, it did very well. It held its own amiably against arguably the fiercest lineup this side of a BVDL omission.

But after two hard fought years, nothing oily can stay. I can imagine that this at the height of its reign was an even handed ruler of the Vanillaverse. This explains the rampant JEGquisitions and willingness to drop $43 for a 12oz bottle after shipping. It is STILL better than most vanilla stouts out there. That being said the body has lost that interplay of black patent malt tempering the waffle cone that was present in the base beer. The whole thing is more integrated but feels less substantial, like Florida retirees, it has become cloyingly conservative in its waning years.

The vanilla and fudge brownie are still a confectioner’s Dream and the barrel presence has fused into a cold stone creamery gang bang of sorts: chocolate sauce and cake batter all over your chest. It just isn’t FRESH vanilla frosting shooting in frothy ropes.

Even still, nothing is more hilarious than stupid dipshits paying $250+ for a 5+ year old bottle of 2010 bcbvs, this beer held up leagues better than that geriatric driver. Lock down a Vanilla Eclipse for a third of the entry cost and move on in anticipation of the next Danish invasion.   

Looking forward to the future.

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