The Week of Biting DDB Content Continues: Draft Magazine Pairs Beer with Fast Food

It feels pretty gauche to complain about stolen content when DDB is a paradigm of recycled and repurposed shit from the internet, but this past week has been replete with some pretty eerie coincidences across the board, most recently Draft magazine handed these out to people at GABF:

I am gettin aleJA VU!

I am gettin aleJA VU!

If the above article looks familiar, it’s because DDB wrote something alarmingly similar JUST LAST MONTH.

Such coincidence

Sure, it’s not an entirely novel premise: pair beer with janky food, autoyukyuks abound. Hey, maybe they even had this all queued up before CraftBeerandBrewing published their article, who knows? The sheer kismet of this past week and pilfered content knows no bounds.

In all fairness, even if Draft magazine had no idea about the CB&B article, they are the masters of rewriting the same article about



with other


So who really cares?

I am Anxiously awaiting someone to register “” and claim that they never knew about old DDB. Par for the course this week.

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