Oak cask aged Brynhildr’s gift: Filipino foam party disaster

This beer is like getting head on a GSXR: it’s just too hard to wrap my head around.  
If you’re dissatisfied with how clean your kitchen is, just open this overattenuated mess and watch the double dare foam fly. 

This is a strange one, the nose has this honey comb meets anise and juniper. This has a interesting dynamic of 1) pour three ounces 2) return five minutes later to enjoy 3) repeat. The foam is relentless and made a huge mess in palatial estate.  The nose closes with a tannic Merlot with phenolic esters that leaves me honestly kinda stumped as to what the intent was on this one.


Mfw this saison.

The taste is a strange sans culotte caramel and Biere de garde change jar, long oaky finish that crackles into a kinda digestif fernet closer. You probably haven’t had anything like this, unless you muddled Biere De Norma with Vicks vapor rub. I know someone did.

Certainly don’t trade for this, but if you have a Minnesota homie ask him to kick you one for the lulz and then split it like 5 ways.  You could certainly do far worse but unless you have exhausted literally all the local saison options and now are into freaky shit, nipple clamps and Juniper berries on your taint.

If you feelin froggy: jump.

The Midwest: still getting the Hang of Saisons, one destroyed kitchen at a time.

[fn1- don’t come to me with your Jolly Pumpkin commentary]

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