Ddb Went to @thebruery Anniversary and Shamelessly Apologized the Entire Time

Once a year necksbeards from near and far huskily flock to Anaheim to enjoy 1oz pours in the out of doors to get a taste of what living in the midwest feels like.

 Except unlike a brewery even in say, Florida, there were a staggering number of pouring stations, quick lines, and nobody even rioted or attacked a storehouse.

  Since there were unlimited pours of everything, they made it clear that they knew beer nerds have zero self control or good judgment. As a result 1oz pours of vanilla coconut Black Tuesday for all.

 These guys are doing some great work.

  Probably one of the truest to style megastouts I have ever had. Valiant brought two entirely forgettable offerings, but at least it wasn’t a lemon head 12% belgian golden like last year. At least.

  The grapefruit kolsch garnish game was on point. This was the first fruit many attendees had seen in weeks.

  The award for shittiest beer of the day goes to this train wreck. Chocolate vanilla Gose with mint Oreos. 2oz was way too much. It’s like eating cookie crisp as a kid home on a sick day then throwing it up while Mr Face stares in Nick Jr based arbitration.

 Kinda disappointing to see beers over 24 hours old at the event, if they could have brought a sloshing full brite tank over on a flatbed that would have been far better. 
The cucumber cask trade winds was actually phenomenal. I was being a judgmental prick in line gurgling out quips and then it was refreshing as fuck. Black Tuesday on nitro was pointless as fuck, especially in a one ounce pour, such meniscus mouthfeel.

 Their barrel offerings are still frustratingly on point, leaving me little to rip on. Selfish bastards. 

 That dreamboat Jeff Bagby was off at a crossfit competition or something and just dropped off a to-style sixtel then peaced the fuck out.

 Best in show. Hands down. 
The best beers of the event were brought by Bottlelogic, trust me I was surprised as well. But one of them was an Arizona Wilderness Collabo so I guess that isn’t too shocking. 

  The guys at green flash were not amused when I asked why they didn’t bring duet or Nelson.

  Fantome carriage was- wait a second.

  I heard a lot about 7 barrel 10 barrel and 15 barrel systems, municipal laws, packaging regulations and market saturation. Ddb picked up enough industry buzzwords to be a philistine for at least another 6 months.

All in all, a pretty fun time, even if Melange 12 was complete wet apple cider spiced garbage. Stone even brought their reduced gluten delicious ipa for the kids with inhalers. Someone stole my taster glass while I was in the bathroom but the joke is on them, I have HPV.

That’s how you get HPV right, drinking from glasses people put on their buttholes? SUCCESSFUL EVENT.

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