Gristy Goodness. @austinstbrewery Grist Mill, Brett Saisons from Maine, Stephen King str8 turnt up

The hoppy beers flowing from Vermont are a well ensconced commodity at this point and it seemed only natural that overflow markets would emerge from the runoff behind the bulwarks of that state.

 Brett saison, 5.6% 
Austin street has surreptitiously been flying under the radar in days of late. They are rolling out farmhouse meets Brett forward offerings something in between the scissoring nexus of Prairie meets Crooked Stave. They have a core underground following that comes off akin to a Yeasayer fan’s enthusiasm. In fact, when I initially posted the Austin street bottles in a photo I got a few messages pleading that DDB don’t expose their coveted honey hole to the unclean masses. The same shit happened when DDB reviewed the OEC bottles. Those covetous New England scamps don’t want anyone muscling in on their territory.

So what do we have here today? Sure it is an elegantly packaged 750ml that pangs of Allagash branding, but is this saison relevant in an increasingly crowded farmhouse marketplace?

 TFW you see a new saison you want so hard 
The pour has an incredible frothy orange sherbet hue to it, unfiltered wheat grist looking like pineapple juice mixed with milk. The carb is borderline overdone and cascades upwards in time consuming waves like when BAE be staying in the bathroom before you tryna smash for hella long and shit.

The nose is bisquik, sliced honeydew, honeysuckle, ritz cracker, a touch of Brett c musk, closing long and dry like lemon zest. There is a certain “fresh baked” quality like when you go to a tiny panaderia and know someone actually gave a shit and made these sticky bready gem in small batches with attention to detail, none of this industrial mixer bullshit.

The taste dry as a Star Ocean game is long and it eschews the sweetness on the nose for a transmuted grass floral aspect similar to oleanders. Again it feels like White Labs ripped off the 12 Brett strain from Chab Yakobsen, gave it to Chase at Prairie for execution and this fantastic hybrid goat baby was born in the manger filled with hay. If you have ever ripped your favorite lego men In half and recombined them in loving new permutations, this feels so much like that. 

The ultimate farmcomplex 
This beer is familiar enough to feel comfortable but different enough to be exciting, like schmanging your ex- girlfriend’s twin. It is unquestionably well made and those greedy fuck who didn’t want Ddb to talk about this brewery make perfect sense. It is my intent to ruin all the nice things for everyone else. No secrets withheld, a shocking brewery tell all that will leave everyone yeasty and breathless.

As a corollary, this brewery has a hop game that is pretty on point as well. If you enjoyed noble King or Dorothy, this is exceedigly similar and worthy of your face sampling:


This isn’t mixed ferm, so it might be odd for some people to reconcile alpha oils with 100% bretty bone dry pithiness, but the end result is a great hybrid for warmer days.

Maine traders about to get lit up hard for these now, just when those Mattina buttholes were contracting ever so slightly.

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