De Garde Imperial Black Raz Bu, jammy jams leaving your mouth looking like a Lisa Frank binder

It is no secret that the imperial bus have been ravaging the trade boards lately, however, with 46 new de garde beers released every month, half of them going 1 per mule, it gets tough to sort out what to even ISO. 

Let me unquestionably assure that you absolutely want this fruity detonation. The sheer appearance alone looks fantastic, billowing in frothy sheets of fuchsia and magenta, leaving curtains of violet and pink hues. If a republican senator’s son decorated his room in these colors he would probably get sent away for reprogramming. It looks that beautiful.

The nose is slightly brackish, with waves of grape otter pops, muddled blackberries, fruit blossoms, MALBEC tannins and purple ring pops. You can huff on his bad boy like model airplane glue, letting those fruity skins wash over your brain in purpley waves.

The taste is not nearly as sour as I was expecting from these Tillamook ballers and was far more refreshing as a result. Being “imperial” at 5.5% Abv is one of those anomalies like a “short” Godspeed You Black Emperor song. It still feels incredibly nimble and easy to toss back in between losing huge sums of cash betting against the Bulls. The drying aspect isn’t heavy handed and the jammy preserves serve to fill in the nadir left by the gentle acidity.

The key here is intense balance. It may not be on an otherworldly level akin to SHBRL and it may lack the exquisite depth of something like SARA Appreciation, but there is an undeniable charm and easygoing nature to the whole experience. It hits all request bases and will generate universal appeal, like tossing on a Shins album on at your dinner party, you old fuck.

You should want this, but don’t get so ISO that you torque your FT. Never do that.

 Way better than this RadX vial of garbage. Back to Megaton with you. 


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